P+H_favicon_152x152P+H are committed to publishing the very best travel, memoir, food, biography and humour writing. Tell us about what you’re writing! We want to know!

P+H specialise in non-fiction for adults and children. We like quirky, lively, entertaining and/or moving reads. Our favourite authors include David Sedaris, Sei Shonagon, Pete McCarthy, Evelyn Waugh, Charles Dickens, Dervla Murphy and Martin Millar.

Please note, we don’t do poetry. Or religion. Or books about ponies. Or horses. Unless they’re hilarious or moving non-fiction works about ponies. Or horses.

If you have a work of non-fiction that you think would suit us, please send a synopsis and three sample chapters (as Word or PDF) or — if it’s still a work in progress — a detailed outline and a writing sample to give us an idea of the character, plus a cover letter, telling us a wee bit about yourself. We would love to read your work! Our contact details are here.

We are currently not accepting submissions for our essay series/anthologies.

Please note that we are still not currently looking for any fiction, religious topics or children’s picture books and we don’t do poetry, drama or screenplays.

We endeavour to answer all submissions within a month. All material submitted to P+H is treated as confidential.

Love, P+H



Please send your completed work as a Word file and include a short bio telling us a bit about who you are and whether you’ve had anything published before, plus your full name and contact details, noting any specific series requirements below.


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