What a great, quirky wee book!  Beautifully illustrated, funny, silly, wise and…and…and….No Kidding!  I know my great nephew is going to love it!! (As did I!!) — Jennifer,

An amazing love story-turned adventure that had my daughters giggling and wanting more! Fabulously illustrated! Truly the best book I have read my girls all year, in language they not only understood but found humor in and with a great message! We cannot wait for more! — KLG

How to be silly, how to be brave, and how to love, in a language that comes naturally to three- to eight-year-olds. And to those of us who just don’t want to grow up! Will be giving this wonderful book to every child I know. —TT

Completely in love with The Mostly True Adventures of Jim Craig! The most amazing children’s book out there. — HA

Brilliant! Every child will love this! — TG 


Loved this book, I could picture it all. It is a heartwarming story of a very real illness but has a happy ending. The story is told with a fun sense of humor. This book would touch any parent or anyone who has faced a medical challenge. Courage, strength, positive attitude and family love was felt from reading this book. I look forward to reading more from his author. — Jules,


Inspirational read

I’m aching for more. Andrew’s writing style is exciting, rebellious, refreshing! Looking forward to getting to read Andrews full story. — Duane,


Adventures, Misadventures, Merriment & Laughs! Must Read!
A quick entertaining read by a very funny writer. For those of us from the generations of “Mixed Tapes” it instantly brings us back to ‘the day’. Dennis, I think unwittingly, points out how sharp hindsight really is and how our lives are shaped by moments we think forgotten until that 1 song pops up and we relive it all over again in our head. — Paul,
A beautiful time capsule
I think one can see a lot of their young selves in these stories of growing up, relishing in the successes and the chagrin of regrets. A quick enjoyable read and worth your time and consideration. — Ernesto,


“Very funny and entertaining… Too many books about Scotland as po-faced and serious as my own are craving attention. [The Scottish Ambassador] will amuse readers of every political stripe and will be popular with both Scots patriots and their critics.” – Alasdair Gray, author of Lanark

“Welcome to the USA – the United Scots of America – as chronicled by [Aefa Mulholland], a Glasgow-born author who has spent four years documenting the good, the bad and the crazy subcultures of our expats across the pond.” The Sunday Mail

“In [this] hilarious book, [Aefa Mulholland] travels across the US learning to be Scottish – with Gaelic lessons in Texas and bagpipes in New Orleans. Enjoy a great travelogue and human interest tale of small towns and big peoples enjoying their own tartan heavens all over America.” The Daily Record

You have to read this! Even if you’re not a Scot and even if you’ve never lived abroad, you will laugh out loud at this engaging tale of Aefa Mulholland’s search for the missing 14% of Scottishness she discovered in herself. Wonderful descriptions – I can’t get out of my mind the vision of the supposed understanding smile that, “…..looked like I’ve just eaten a mouthful of parboiled squirrel.” Understated humour, a great turn of phrase and lots of interesting information. Travel writing that takes you right there along with the author and right into her experience. I’m just waiting now for The Scottish Ambassador! – Jennifer,

PRAISE FOR CHICKEN & HEN by Aefa Mulholland

5 star, A Family Love Story

In this short memoir about adoption Aefa Mulholland takes the reader right into her own 10 year-old world of bewilderment, disappointment and sheer joy as her family seeks to adopt a child. And then takes us into Brian’s life and what he brought to her and to the family. It wasn’t always joy, but what shines through is the love. I came away feeling sore for Brian’s thwarted search for a positive life, despite all the love, and full of joy for Aefa Mulholland and Brian’s Wee Joe and all their adventures together. A must read! – Jennifer, on

5 star, A Poignant Story of an Adopted Little Brother

A short memoir detailing the relationship between the author and her adopted brother. You’ll both laugh and cry at the stories from their first introductions through their lives together. It’s a compelling read that left me with a lump in my throat. – Eoin,

5 star, Beautiful Recollection, Honestly Told

Heartwarming short story which left me smiling and with a tear in my eye at the same time! Passed this on to my mother and my, never reads a book, husband, who both loved it as much as I did. – Christina,

5 star, Must Read

This little gem had my laughing and crying all in the space of half an hour. It is a must read for anyone. – Barrie,


“A truly lovely tribute to a lost and loved brother.”-LJ

Loved it.

“Takes the reader right into the emotion of the story without wringing the heartstrings and yet conveying the joy and the heartache…and the joy!!  Loved it.”-JG


This will make you think – and feel!

This is a must-read for any parent dealing with an unknown condition or a genetic disorder in a child. It is a poignant and riveting story to read, and it really makes you think about the emotional implications of genetics and diagnoses. Highly recommended. — This Mom,

5 stars

Could not stop reading…thank you Hillary for sharing your story about your Superhero, Esme. — Rhe,

Deeply thought-provoking and ultimately uplifting

Ms. Savoie eloquently brings the reader along in the search for her daughter’s diagnosis. Despite the personal nature of the journey, she has been able to take a step back, objectively contemplating the impact of the emerging genetic field on the future of medicine, while simultaneously inviting the reader along on a very personal journey that ends with a surprising realization. — Sunshine,

I really enjoyed reading this

Compelling reading about a difficult subject. I really enjoyed reading this. — Philip,

Couldn’t put it down

Moving, witty and totally riveting – hits a sweet spot between science and family that Radiolab listeners will love. Perfect summer read (just make sure you have your kleenex close by!) — Channing,

PRAISE FOR WHOOSH by Hillary Savoie

“5 stars. Beautiful and sincere.”-Rhe,


A fun short story read – Women travelling “without husbands” in Syria

A fun short story read, capturing the adventures of two women whose most pronounced and intriguing feature to the locals of Syria was travelling “without husbands”. Carla captures the characters, obstacles and charm amusingly. Her trust in working through every odd, very foreign challenge was fascinating and reassuring. Some would expect the story to be of a horrible, wasted Christmas, but Carla turned a potentially dangerous lemon into sweet lemonade. — SLC,

I read a lot of travel memoirs and I loved this fresh new voice – warm and evocative description, great characters, laugh out loud funny observations and scenarios and such brilliant juxtapositions and delicious risk taking — Christmas at the Krak! I can’t wait to read more of this author. — Ed,
Vicarious Travel Pleasures
A great read through and through with six talented writers (whole collection) taking us to new destinations. Arm chair pleasures for a hot summer day. Or Christmas Day. Any day of the year. Read. This. Now. — Mary,
Five Stars
Great Christmas story read even in the spring. Outstanding. — Ben,
A Kraking good read
An informative travelogue written with an understated humour. Leaves the reader wanting more. — Kerry,[/twocol_one]


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