News from P+H HQ, 12th July 2016

We’re getting ready to launch Christina Brooks’ inspiring memoir about starting a dream vineyard in Beamsville, Ontario. Editing and designing this lovely wee book about vines, wines and the world of vineyards has really upped our own wine consumption. To Build A Vineyard comes out on the 31st of August. We can’t wait!


News from P+H HQ, 9th November 2015

October saw P+H launch the paperback of Aefa Mulholland’s The Scottish Ambassador in Glasgow, with reviews calling the travel memoir “hilarious,” “very funny and entertaining,” “wonderful” and “laugh out loud.” It’s available from our online bookshop, from Amazon, Book Depository and assorted online booksellers and from select physical shops in the UK and Canada. The Canadian launch takes place in Toronto in December. Details to follow! Please let us know if you would like to be on the guest list for this event.

Here are a few other recent reviews for our books:

Tracy Craig’s The Mostly True Adventures of Jim Craig

How to be silly, how to be brave, and how to love, in a language that comes naturally to three- to eight-year-olds. And to those of us who just don’t want to grow up! Will be giving this wonderful book to every child I know. —TT

Dennis Hensley’s Mariner’s Club Mixtape

A quick entertaining read by a very funny writer. For those of us from the generations of “Mixed Tapes” it instantly brings us back to ‘the day’. Dennis, I think unwittingly, points out how sharp hindsight really is and how our lives are shaped by moments we think forgotten until that 1 song pops up and we relive it all over again in our head. — Paul,

Aefa Mulholland’s Chicken and Hen

A short memoir detailing the relationship between the author and her adopted brother. You’ll both laugh and cry at the stories from their first introductions through their lives together. It’s a compelling read that left me with a lump in my throat. – Eoin,

Hillary Savoie’s Around And Into The Unknown

Moving, witty and totally riveting – hits a sweet spot between science and family that Radiolab listeners will love. Perfect summer read (just make sure you have your kleenex close by!) — Channing,

Carla Wilson’s Christmas at the Krak

I read a lot of travel memoirs and I loved this fresh new voice – warm and evocative description, great characters, laugh out loud funny observations and scenarios and such brilliant juxtapositions and delicious risk taking — Christmas at the Krak! I can’t wait to read more of this author. — Ed,


November also saw our books arrive on the shelves of shops in Port of Spain, Toronto, Glasgow and Edinburgh.


This month, we’re bringing out the e-book versions of The Scottish Ambassador on November 20th (PDF, MOBI/Kindle and EPUB – buy the PDF through this site, the MOBI/Kindle through Amazon, the EPUB through Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, iTunes, etc) (PDF pre-orders open on November 9th), plus on November 13th, we bring out the colouring book companion to Tracy Craig’s The Mostly True Adventures of Jim Craig, called, originally enough, The Mostly True Adventures of Jim Craig Colouring Book. Pre-orders open on November 9th.

On December 1st, we bring fans of Aefa Mulholland’s hilarious travel tales a treat in the form of a new short book, called The Cat Palace. It’s the story of a month she spent cat sitting for a serial celebrity-marrying, former 1960s British supermodel and her 20 mostly white, mostly blue-eyed cats in a villa on the flanks of a volcano off the coast of Morocco. Pre-orders open November 9th.

In February, we are thrilled to be publishing the first of a series of books on the works of Margaret Watkins, the iconic Scottish-Canadian photographer who taught some of the greatest names of photography in New York and Connecticut in the 1920s. This first volume, Margaret Watkins Classic Images, will be available for pre-order later this month. Future titles include Margaret Watkins Glasgow, Margaret Watkins Paris, Margaret Watkins Russia, Margaret Watkins London and Margaret Watkins Art & Advertising.

Thanks for reading!

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