TO BUILD A VINEYARD by Christina Brooks (August 2016, paperback, ADULT, NON-FICTION, FOOD AND WINE, MEMOIR)

A chance encounter with a small winery owner was all that it took to set Christina and Andrew Brooks on a quest that would take ten years, see them travel across the world and back to Canada and push them to their limits as they worked to build a vineyard of their own.

Despite limited funds – and even more limited knowledge of farming and agriculture, the two determined twenty-somethings took the big leap and bought a “diamond in the rough,” a faded grand dame of a house and a derelict farm, smack in the middle of Niagara wine country.

To Build A Vineyard is the story of the decade Christina and Andrew spent battling fire, goats, debt and doubt in order to build their vineyard and live their dream. It’s a fascinating, funny and moving read that reveals the relentlessly rocky, but ultimately rewarding road that eventually lead to the creation of one of Canada’s most exciting small-batch wineries, the award-winning Back 10 Cellars in Beamsville.

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The Scottish Ambassador hardbackTHE SCOTTISH AMBASSADOR, Learning How To Be Scottish in America by Aefa Mulholland BUY NOW (August 2015, hardback, paperback, ebook, TRAVEL, NON-FICTION, HUMOUR, MEMOIR)

Ex-pat Scot Aefa Mulholland travels around the U.S., persuading bemused Americans to teach her how to be a better Scot. From learning how to do Scottish Country Dancing in Honolulu to attempting golf for the first time on a rattlesnake-infested desert sand golf course in a trailer park in Arizona and learning how to play the bagpipes in New Orleans, she learns about what it means to be Scottish, what it means to be Scottish-American and what it means to be at home such a long way from home. 

Childhood 6 of 1 coversCHILDHOOD 6 of 1 (July 2015, e-book, paperback, ADULT, NON-FICTION, HUMOUR, MEMOIR) is the first series of short memoirs from P+H Books!

Available as individual, standalone books or as an anthology, this collection takes a look at childhood from all directions. The funny and moving series of stories features unconventional fathers, unexpected kids, challenging childhoods, and plenty of triumph over adversity, expectation, the limitations of small town life and potato sack races.


Series covers

TRAVEL 6 of 1 (May 2015, e-book, paperback, ADULT, NON-FICTION, TRAVEL, HUMOUR, MEMOIR) is the first series of short travel essays from P+H Books!

Available as individual, standalone books or as an anthology, this series contains stories that stretch right from the moment of birth to the sometimes surprisingly colourful business of death. There are tales of arrivals and departures, beginnings and endings, ships that have sailed and ships that have come in. There are stories of festivities perched on the brink of a war zone, on the brim of the Mediterranean and on the banks of the Mississippi.


Adventures of Jim Craig cover

The Mostly True Adventures of Jim Craig: Sailboats, Dragons & Giraffes by Tracy Craig (November 2014, paperback, KIDS, NON-FICTION, TRAVEL, HUMOUR, MEMOIR)

Written and illustrated by Tracy Craig. Aimed at kids from age 3 to 8 (but sure to be appreciated by readers of all ages), Sailboats, Dragons & Giraffes is the first in a series of charming adventure/quirky illustrated biography/travel picture books, crammed with polka-dotted dragons, talking onions and ninja starfish, and we’re incredibly proud of it.





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