P+H Authors – Past + PresentSophia Blackwell

Sophia Blackwell was born in Newcastle, read English at Oxford and started performing poetry in 2003 as part of Hammer and Tongue’s first international poetry slam team. Her first collection, Into Temptation, was published in 2009 and her novel, After My Own Heart, in 2012.

Sophia’s poems have appeared in anthologies from Bloodaxe, The Emma Press and Sidekick Books. Her writing has also been published in Time Out, Diva, Trespass, and Rising. In 2014 she was named one of the ‘Top Ten Young British Poets You Should Know About’ and her poetry appeared as the epigraph to Laurie Penny’s new book Unspeakable Things.

In Summer 2015 she appeared at Cornbury and L-Fest. Her new poetry collection, The Fire-Eater’s Lover is out on Burning Eye Books. The Awkward Stage, was part of the Childhood 6 of 1 memoir series. Find out more at



Christina Brooks was born in St. Catharines, Ontario. She fled the mundane confines of university in her early twenties and became enamoured of travel. Christina moved to Banff for one summer and stayed for three years. She moved to Calgary for one fall and stayed for ten years.

In Calgary, she became smitten with wine, real estate, entrepreneurship and her now-husband, Andrew, although not necessarily in that order. It was in Calgary that Christina hatched a plan to build a life that matched her dreams. Christina’s travels took her to South Africa, Thailand, Egypt, Mexico, Italy and France and eventually back to Beamsville, Niagara with hubby in tow.

Christina has aspired to be a writer since she was a young child. She has been stringing words and stories together in her mind for a very long time. This is the first time she has ever put anything down on paper and shared it with the world.

Andrew and Christina live on a small, award-winning, Beamsville vineyard with their two beautiful daughters, two cats and too many bunny rabbits to count.

To Build A Vineyard, published by P+H in 2016, was her first book.



Tracy Craig began her career as a graphic designer and illustrator. After many years of corporate soul-splintering, she changed gears to accelerate towards her daydream of becoming a full-time writer. But not the reclusive, creepy kind that lives alone in decrepit forest cabins, collecting ancient, rusting swords and small animals captured for eternity in various states of taxidermic surprise.

Born on the small island of Trinidad, she moved to Canada, where people question the sanity of this relocation every February. Tracy lives in Toronto, with her human family, tiny dog and one-eyed cat.

She writes non-fiction and humour for blogs and various online publications. Children’s book The Mostly True Adventures Of Jim Craig: Sailboats, Dragons & Giraffes, published by Ponies+Horses Books in November 2014, was her first book. Her short memoir about growing up in Trinidad with eccentric parents and congenital heart disease, Blue Baby Orange Tank, was part of P+H’s Childhood 6 of 1 memoir series.


Geraldine DeRuiter

Geraldine DeRuiter is the author of the award-winning Everywhereist website. Though supposedly a travel blog, recurring themes of deep fried desserts and a long-standing vendetta against airplane flatulence pervade the content. Since it began in 2009, the site has received numerous accolades, including: TIME Magazine’s Top 25 blogs of 2011, Forbes Magazines Best Blogs for Women (for three consecutive years), The Independent‘s Top 50 Travel Sites, and The Huffington Post‘s Top Travel Blogs. DeRuiter has appeared in BBC Travel, Conde Nast Traveler,,, and Mashable, among others. She assumes this is because their respective editors were drunk at the time, as she can’t think of an other explanation as to how or why they’d want to write about her.

Regardless, she is delighted that the blog has received so much attention, as it disproves her third grade teacher’s prophecy that she wouldn’t amount to very much. Her micro-memoir, Of Smoke and Churros, came out in May 2015 as part of P+H’s anthology Travel 6 of 1.



Andrew J. Fitt


Andrew J. Fitt lives on the edge of life, where he has conquered challenges and feasted on their remains. He has fought off sickness, death, defeat and lactose intolerance. As an artist and outgoing person, his goal is to become the first iconic crippled artist, thus surpassing one of his many heroes, Christy Brown. Andrew is still trying to prove apples are oranges, left is in fact right and that Pearl Jam are the rightful forefathers of grunge, not Nirvana. His long term goals are to move to New York, have an outstanding exhibition at the Met, meet an awesome girl, have kids, travel the world, die in New York and be cryogenically frozen and bought back to life to make a fresh start… and to eat more bacon. Aching To Be, Andrew’s story of growing up with Cerebral Palsy in St. Lucia and Trinidad was part of P+H Books’ Childhood 6 of 1 memoir series. Find out more at



Dennis HenselyDennis Hensley was first paid to write by Movieline, when the magazine picked up a story he wrote on spec about his harrowing dance audition for Madonna.  Since then, Dennis has written for TV Guide, In Style, Glamour, Us, Cosmopolitan and Out, published the novels Misadventures in the (213) and Screening Party and co-written the feature film Testosterone. His television credits include Lovespring International with Jane Lynch, The Big Gay Sketch Show, Bounce TV’s BRKDWN (as showrunner) and Fashion Police with Joan Rivers. His short films include Reunion (HBO award-winner), Rubdown, Evie Harris: Shining Star and If We Took a Holiday, which is currently playing festivals. Dennis is also the host/producer of the interview podcast, Dennis Anyone with Dennis Hensley and the creator/host of the long-running L.A. stage hit The MisMatch Game, which has raised $110,000 and counting for the L.A. LGBT Center. Find out more at www.dennishensley.comMariner’s Club Mixtape, published in May 2015, was part of the Travel 6 of 1 series.



Tania Katan Tania Katan is an award-winning author, dynamic performer, and creative instigator who believes in storytelling at all costs! Katan has performed her stories at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, NPR Snap Judgment, Comedy Central Stage, TEDx, and more. Her performances, published work, and disruptions have been written about in the Huffington Post, GLAMOUR, TIME, ReadWrite, BuzzFeed, Mashable, New York Times, and other publications. Katan’s literary acknowledgements include the Judy Grahn Prize in Nonfiction, Stonewall Book Award, Jane Chambers Playwriting Award, Lambda Literary Award, Must Reads by MTV, and the coveted Star Review from the Library Journal. As a creative instigator, Katan was behind the It Was Never A Dress campaign that has gone around the world and back and created a scholarship for need-based students going into STEAM fields. Other creative instigations include Arm Wrestling for Art, GOOD ‘N Plenty Artist Award, Lit Lounge, and further shenanigans that, um, she cannot discuss at this time. She is currently working on a book that will discuss some of these shenanigans. Pop, Tania’s contribution to the Childhood 6 of 1 memoir series, was her first with P+H Books. For more information:


Matt squareThe travel bug first injected its sweet venom into Matthew Link during his teenage years aboard his father’s 51-foot sailboat, as his family slowly drifted through Southeast Asia and the Pacific island nations over the course of several years. At various times in his life, Matt has called Hawaii, Hong Kong, The Philippines, Micronesia, New Zealand and various dots of Europe his home.

Matt has written for TIME, Newsweek, MSNBC, Travel + Leisure, Conde Nast, The Los Angeles Times, Men’s Health, and Orbitz, among many others. He was one of travel pioneer Arthur Frommer’s right-hand men during his decade in New York City, and has authored or contributed to at least half a dozen major travel guidebooks.

Matt currently resides high up on a desert hillside in the Midcentury Modern paradise of Palm Springs, overlooking the San Andreas earthquake fault line and the timeless panoramas of the Californian mountains and skies. He has written and contributed to a slew of books. Offensive Optimism, part of the Travel 6 of 1 series, which came out in May 2015, was Matt’s first book with P+H.


Aefa Mulholland

Aefa Mulholland is an award-winning travel and food writer. Born in Glasgow, she now divides her time between Toronto and Glasgow. Aefa has worked with national broadcasters in the UK, Ireland and Canada, and with a plethora of publications from The Miami Herald to The Irish Times. She has been published or broadcast on four continents, writing or presenting on subjects from mule racing in Montana to the hazards of bingo in Glasgow to partying with The Pixies in Dublin. Her work has won a Northern Lights Award for Excellence in Travel Writing and an Irish Film Board award. Other things that Aefa has won include a national poetry competition (aged 6) for a heartfelt poem about a dead deer, £3 betting on a mouse race in North Tipperary and $12 in the New York State Lottery.

She writes offbeat hotel reviews and destination guides for Angry Sea Turtles and is working on a documentary on career options for seahorses. Chicken & Hen, Aefa’s story of her family’s adoption of a tiny, talkative three-year-old from the other side of town, was part of P+H’s first Childhood 6 of 1 memoir series. She is the author of full length travel memoir The Scottish Ambassador, Learning How To Be Scottish in America, is out now. For more information:

IMG_8937 (1)Hillary Savoie, PhD, is the care coordinator for her daughter Esmé, who is medically fragile. Hillary has blogged about life with Esmé since September 2012 on The Cute Syndrome Blog. Hillary is also the Founder and Director of The Cute Syndrome Foundation, which is dedicated to raising research funds for and awareness of rare disorders like PCDH19 Epilepsy and SCN8A Epilepsy. She is also the Chief Communications Maman at the Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation.

Hillary holds a doctorate in Communication and Rhetoric from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, as well as an undergraduate degree in Architecture from McGill University Montréal. Her short memoir, Around And Into The Unknown, came out in May 2015. A second short book, Whoosh, was part of P+H’s Childhood 6 of 1 memoir series.

Carla WilsonCarla Wilson began life in Western Canada before moving to New Zealand where she spent happy childhood years collecting pippis on the beach and raising pet lambs and a chicken named Peck.

Among the many things she has dabbled in over the years, Carla has owned and operated her own food truck, hoed broccoli, been responsible for the “Santa Contract” at Debenhams and worked as an on-set tutor for precocious child-actors.

She has been a travelling teacher for the last fourteen years and is now happily settled in Toronto.

Her hilarious short memoir, Christmas at The Krak, published by P+H in 2015, was her first book.

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