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Welcome to Ponies + Horses Books! We’re glad you’re here!

We’re really excited to be bringing out Christina Brook’s To Build A Vineyard (the story of a young Canadian couple who spent a decade battling fire, goats, debt and doubt in order to build their vineyard and live their dream. It comes out in August 2016 and we are enormously proud of it! Get your copy at Christina and Andrew’s winery, Back 10 Cellars, in Beamsville or find out more here.

The e-versions of The Scottish Ambassador, Learning How To Be Scottish in America (available pretty much everywhere e-books are sold) came out in January 2016. The paperback is now available from our store, from Amazon and from select shops in the UK and Canada. The limited run, first edition hardback has now sold out. In this hilarious travel tale, ex-pat Scot Aefa Mulholland travels around the U.S., persuading bemused Americans to teach her how to do things they consider stereotypically Scottish. From learning how to do Scottish country dancing in Honolulu to attempting golf for the first time on a rattlesnake-infested desert sand golf course in a trailer park in Arizona to learning to play the bagpipes in New Orleans, she learns about what it means to be Scottish, what it means to be Scottish-American and what it means to be at home such a long way from home. For a sneak peek, read Hark, The Pies Are Calling, an excerpt from the book, included in TRAVEL 6 of 1. You can get it as an e-book for Kindle for just $0.99 on Amazon or download the PDF version for free from us.

TRAVEL 6 of 1 was our first series of short travel essays, available as e-books and paperbacks. Visit our 6 of 1 Shop page to buy the anthology or any (or all!) of the six short books from Geraldine DeRuiter, Matthew Link, Hillary Savoie, Aefa Mulholland, Dennis Hensley and Carla Wilson. These incredible authors contributed tales of Accra, Ghana; Valencia, Spain; Memphis, Tennessee; Damascus, Syria; a mixtape of port calls and cruise jobs from Hong Kong to Alaska through the Panama Canal and on to the Caribbean; and a journey that perhaps travels further than any of the others, yet doesn’t leave Boston, Massachusetts. Head to the TRAVEL 6 of 1 page to find out more about these adventures.

CHILDHOOD 6 of 1 was our first series of short memoirs. This collection of stories about siblings, rocky starts to life, adoption, coming out and striking out on your own stars tales from amazing writers including Arizona author, activist and superhero Tania Katan, English writer and poet Sophia Blackwell, U.S. disability rights activist Hillary Savoie, Trinidadian writer and artist Andrew J. Fitt, Canadian-Trinidadian writer and designer Tracy Craig and Scottish writer Aefa Mulholland. Like its predecessor series, TRAVEL 6 of 1, CHILDHOOD 6 of 1 is also available as individual books (e-books and paperbacks) and as an anthology of all six. We’ve got some amazing stories in here. You’ll never have to stare blankly at your fellow commuters on morning transit again.

Meanwhile, the beautifully illustrated Mostly True Adventures of Jim Craig: Sailboats, Dragons & Giraffes, written and illustrated by Tracy Craig, was the first of our children’s books. You can get a copy through our online store or from select stores in Canada, the UK and Trinidad. Aimed at kids from age 3 to 8 (but sure to be appreciated by readers of all ages), Sailboats, Dragons & Giraffes is the first in a series of charming adventure/quirky illustrated biography/travel picture books, crammed with polka-dotted dragons, talking onions and ninja starfish, and we’re incredibly proud of it.

We have so many exciting titles coming, from anthologies to literary travel to memoir to graphic field guide/humour/science (we’re not quite sure how to categorise that one yet!) and so many exciting new authors to introduce to you. We can’t wait to tell you about our books. So come back and see what we’re up to in the new year. It’s going to be good.

Thanks for stopping by!

Love, P+H


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